Kwest’s Software Tools

Kwest has continually developed and refined its products and services based on advances in technology, best practice and the changing requirements of our customers.

More than a decade ago, we took a hard look at the generic survey and research tools on offer and decided that we could do better. This led our software design specialists to devise online tools aligned to the unique needs of the housing sector.

​Our years of sector specific experience have equipped us with an insider’s view of clients’ concerns. At the heart of all our software development are a responsiveness to changing needs, being able to quickly supply the information clients need and empowering users with the ability to transform the data supplied into powerful, performance enhancing tools

Kwest’s Online Analyst

Kwest’s complete analysis package is tailored to the needs of our social housing clients. Our Online Analyst is free when Kwest runs your research projects and offers clients a suite of online tools that are powerful, yet exceptionally intuitive and easy to use.

Kwest’s Online Analyst system can be integrated with any data collection technique, offering real time data capture. Throughout data collection, our clients are able to view response rates, monitor respondent profiles and conduct additional analysis of the findings.

Our software is simply accessed from any browser and allows registered users unlimited, 24/7 access to information on a secure internet-based platform, via password protected log-in, meaning your data is always available, and never compromised.


Our combined telephone/online input approach is streamlined to maximise efficiency, allowing interviewers to upload survey responses in real time.

CATI works seamlessly in conjunction with our bespoke Telephone Management System, which allows interviewers to record where a resident requests a call back at a more convenient time of day, helping to maximise participation rates. The system records a wealth of data, including the date, time and outcome for each attempted contact, and calls are recorded for quality and training purposes.

​Quite simply, our system allows you to rest easy, confident in knowing we have a firm grip on control and that your organisation is benefiting from the highest quality of work available.


Kwest’s bespoke questionnaire designer tool was developed with the need for flexibility, customisation and speedy turn around in mind.

Our Designer software interfaces with both our CATI and online surveying components and enables us to design questionnaires straight to the web, streamlining the design process.

Whether they are to be used for postal, online or telephone surveys, Designer creates attractive, effective questionnaires in a variety of styles to suit your preference.

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