We have invested heavily in writing software and developing systems to deliver near instantaneous service quality monitoring.


Kwest’s Star Surveys provide the flexibility you need to effectively measure and
​understand customer satisfaction.


At Kwest we’ve years of experience in designing new question sets for hundreds of clients, that allow for detailed investigation of any issue.


Using a programmed interview script that’s based on the original data to match up the names of the people currently in each household with the names in your records.

Welcome to Kwest Research

Kwest Research is a Manchester-based research organisation specialising in the delivery of tailored research solutions for a range of public and private sector organisations throughout the UK. We work mainly on behalf of social housing providers, including local authorities, ALMOs, RSLs and privately owned companies.

At Kwest, we are passionate about the work we do in supporting our clients to surpass their customers’ expectations in providing first class service.

We have over 30 years’ experience in social housing sector research. offering our clients unrivalled industry-specific knowledge and expertise which allows all projects to be customised to suit individual requirements.

We know that insight into how your customers feel is key to future planning, ensuring return on your investments and customer satisfaction. Our provision of real-time, meaningful information will equip you to do just that.

Customised questionnaires
created with Kwest’s unique Designer

Gather & monitor data
using Kwest’s bespoke systems

Instant online access to your results
with Kwest’s easy to use Online Analyst

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